Nolan’s 14 – 2020 Attempt

Start time:

SATURDAY, AUGUST 8 at 0500 at Fish Hatchery in Leadville (supported, crewed attempt).


Ilana’s Personal Tracker: Tracker will update at 30-minute intervals.

Dana George, Crew Captain: Contact Info (click here, password protected)

Route Profile:

Cheer From a Peak

If you are looking to cheer from atop a summit, please use for route info. Direct links to each peak are located immediately following this map.

SUMMITS with route options and directions, courtesy of

1 Mt. Massive 14,421′
2 Mt. Elbert 14,433′
3 La Plata Peak 14,336′
4 Huron Peak 14,003′
5 Missouri Mountain 14,067′
6 Mt. Belford 14,197′
7 Mt. Oxford 14,153′
8 Mt. Harvard 14,420′
9 Mt. Columbia 14,073′
10 Mt. Yale 14,196′
11 Mt. Princeton 14,197′
12 Mt. Antero 14,269′
13 Tabeguache Peak 14,155′
14 Mt. Shavano 14,229′


Link to full weather forecast point plot here or forecast discussion here.


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It’s time to close my chapter on Nolan’s 14. I’m not one to leave unfinished business in the mountains, and Nolan’s is no exception. . Nolan’s 14 isn’t just a run to me; it’s been an opportunity for self healing, closure, and developing healthy new relationships (with myself and others). Tomorrow will be a celebration of this. I’m merely just blowing out the candles in celebration of everything I’ve gained because of this line. . On Saturday, August 8 at 0500 MDT, I’ll hit the start button on my tracker and GPS watch, setting off to finish what I started last year; to finish Nolan’s 14, North to South (SOBO). Whatever happens out there, I’m hoping for the run of my life – the highs and lows, the community camaraderie, and a goal seen through to completion. . Tracker link is in my profile. This is a supported attempt, so if you’re in the area and want to cheer from a peak, I’d love to share part of this experience with you. . If you’re still reading and wondering, ‘what is Nolan’s?’; it’s a cult classic, unofficial ultramarathon, that traverses the southern 14-14,000’ peaks of the Sawatch Mountains of Colorado over approximately 100 miles with roughly 45,000’ of elevation loss and gain. There is no defined route, much of it is off trail and you have 60-hours to complete it ‘for it to count’. . @dynafit #speedup #trailheroes @guenergylabs #guforit

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